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Dairy Jobs

The Specialist Dairy Industry Recruiters

GDPR Compliance: Client and candidate confidentiality is paramount to us.

DAIRY Jobs provides a specialist recruiting service to the global dairy and dairy alternatives industry.

Candidates can upload your CV’s, apply for a job in the click of a button, and add positions to their “favourites” to save for a later date, whilst dairy employers and candidates can view instantly online how many have applied for a dairy job posting.

We match dairy employers and recruiters vacancies with highly skilled and experienced dairy industry professionals, whilst helping dairy professionals in their hunt for a role that is right for them.

Dairy Jobs has a significant Unique Selling Point (USP) over more general food recruitment companies because we have a direct line to a very large pool of relevant dairy industry candidates via our LinkedIn dairy professional groups with over 150,000 experienced dairy industry professionals.

The new Dairy Jobs website is highly targeted, which means employers and candidates can reach a niche but large audience of relevant people and jobs, adding another competitive advantage to the site, which does not suffer from the issues faced by all-encompassing ‘food jobs’ sites which can be time consuming and distracting for candidates and recruiters.

Do you have a dairy vacancy to fill?

Historically recruiting has been a costly and time consuming process but things are changing and with the rapid advances in the internet, AI and block chain the recruiting process will become quicker, easier and at a lower cost per hire. The visibility of positions becomes even more important to get as many appropriately experienced people as possible to view your latest vacancy. Dairy Jobs recognises that the recruiting landscape is changing and aims to provide a high quality lower cost service to encourage more employers to use our specialist Dairy Jobs service and help us grow the business and encourage employers to focus on their core business.

We work closely with our dairy employers to really understand the role and the candidate profile. The team understands the pressures that employers are under to choose the right people for the company and offer a bespoke service that aims to work in the best long-term interests of both their candidates and clients.

Specialist Dairy Recruiters Ltd, the owners of Dairy Jobs are a UK based business operating worldwide with over 40 years global dairy industry experience.

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