Dairy Herd Manager (Namibia)

Dairy Herd Manager (Namibia)

Namibia Dairies, Mariental, Namibia
Post Date: October 26, 2022
Apply Before: May 31, 2023
Applications: 51

Job overview

Namibia Dairies is seeking Dairy Herd Manager for their farm in Mariental, Namibia.

Dairy Herd Manager is resposible to implement and manage the herd strategy through the operational management of the milk department on the total dairy herd including milk production and milk quality, herd growth, herd reproduction, herd comfort, herd health, people management, financial management and high level reporting to achieve the strategic initiatives of the division and critical success factors of the business.

Key Requirements:

– Honours Degree or a Postgraduate Degree in Agriculture, specialised in animal health and nutrition.
– 8-10 years appropriate work experience in dairy farming.
– 3 years managerial experience in dairy farming.

Key Responsibilities:

– Herd Strategy Implementation
– Dairy Herd Management
– Lead Health & Safety
– Annual Budgeting
– Inspirational Team Leadership


  • Implement and manage the herd strategy in line with operational and strategic goals and objectives of the business unit.
  • Support, implement and manage the dairy strategy in line with operational and long-term strategic goals and objectives of the organisation.
  • Responsible for operational management through continuous improvement of the milk parlour hygiene, milking procedures, milking times, mastitis and health control and milk quality control in bulk tanks.
  • Order cleaning materials and develop a cleaning program of the milk stable and milk holding tanks to maintain good hygiene and good milk quality.
  • Check on the overall condition of milk rotary table and implement a preventative maintenance plan.
  • Plan and organize the taking of milk samples every six weeks and send to the laboratory for analysis.
  • Conduct yearly food safety testing to obtain the production certificate.
  • Complete and submit the veterinary questionnaire twice yearly.
  • Identify and co-ordinate the sale of cows and heifers.
  • Draw up a loading schedule and coordinate the loading of milk.
  • Responsible for operational management through continuous improvement of hygiene, health, quality control of colostrum, Heifer, Steam-up, Maternity and Calf house management and heifer fertility management.
  • Monitor the growth rate of heifers and calves monthly and decide if the heifers and calves who did not achieve the desired grow rate should be culled.
  • Report to the Manager: Feeding any observations regarding feed availability, feed quality and health observations daily.
  • Consult with the Manager: Feeding on ration formulation, sign off on agreed rations.
  • Agree on annual feed plan with the Manager: Feeding and Manager: Agronomy according to least cost ration principles and to ensure consistency at the rations.
  • Monitor the feed intake and take corrective action to maximise intake and minimise losses.
  • Responsible for operational management of breeding and bull selection through continues improvement of processes and procedures on breeding, herd selection and bull selection.
  • Determine the correct days in milk and weight for cows and heifers to be inseminated and check that the insemination is done at the correct time to increase the pregnancy rate.
  • Select the semen required to improve herd genetics.
  • Order the correct quantities of semen and liquid nitrogen to ensure the correct storage to prevent losses.
  • Check the heat activity data and select cows and heifers for artificial insemination.
  • Check that the artificial insemination procedure is followed correctly to maximise the success rate and minimise costs.
  • Implement a plan to ensure the correct herd growth is achieved in line with strategic requirements.
  • Responsible for the operational management through continuous improvement of cow houses (CIM, Calves and Non-milk) by handling bedding, manure and drain system management to ensure cow comfort.
  • Draw up a cleaning schedule to ensure that water troughs, feeding lanes, bedding and manure lanes are cleaned to maintained good hygiene.
  • Ensure that the animals have a continued supply of water.
  • Check that cows remain in the correct groups and maintain the correct numbers per group through regular group changes.
  • Report group changes to the Manager: Feeding timeously to ensure feed ration adjustments.
  • Check on the overall condition of cow houses and implement a preventative maintenance plan.
  • Responsible for the operational management through continuous improvement of animal health by planning for yearly vaccinations and treatment schedules according to herd health history and control of medicine, identification and treatment of sick animals and close interaction with veterinarian.
  • Obtain prescriptions from the veterinarian.
  • Order veterinary stock and maintain required stock levels through timeous ordering of the required medicine and oversee the storage and application as per veterinary law.
  • Check the overall history of the cows before treatment to decide on feasibility to treat or to cull.
  • Store medicine according to good practices and control the issuing and use thereof by keeping registers.
  • Diagnose and decide upon the appropriate course of treatment through consultation with the veterinarian.
  • Identify cows with health problems and poor genetics and cull.
  • Plan for veterinarian visits by providing a list of cows to be examined.
  • Review veterinary visit report and implement recommendations by developing action plans.
  • Report on action plans to improve on deviations to the Manager: Operations.
  • Responsible for the updating of data on the Afikim system through daily data capturing and reporting about animals including animal health, breeding, veterinary and milk performance information.
  • Provide Manager: Operation and veterinarian with information and reports as and when required.
  • Update herd status daily, write reports, run information reports, identify deviations, and proactively plan to counter deviations.
  • Responsible for the financial management of the department in line with ND procedures and policies including annual budget preparation, monthly cost centre controls, SAP approvals and releases and capex requirement, decision paper preparation, gain approval and implement projects.
  • Prepare and submit accurate and timeous reports on feed requirements, herd growth projections and milk volume projections as and when required.
  • Lead and direct subordinates according to work process daily.
  • Provide on-the-job training to subordinates whenever required.
  • Control, guide, and correct unacceptable behaviour of subordinates.
  • Record and report unacceptable behaviour to the Human Capital Generalist and initiate disciplinary action and counselling when required.
  • Manage and solve grievance of subordinates.
  • Manage the Kronos time and attendance system and hours worked by employees through weekly approvals and sign-offs.
  • Attend weekly departmental invocom meetings and submit invocom reports.
  • Communicate and drive O&L Group values at all times.
  • Co-ordinate, control and approve leave applications of subordinates.
  • Compile and display monthly works schedules for subordinates.
  • Implement and manage group and company risk measures.
  • Identify and report possible risks and develop contingency plans.
  • Ensure compliance to external regulation and business regulations in area of responsibility.
  • Adhere and ensure adherence to the Health and Safety and Environmental policies of the company through regular communication.
  • Train sub-ordinates to fully understand and be equipped to adhere to Health and Safety regulations.
  • Order and supply the required PPE according to regulations to subordinates.
  • Check that safety inspections are done and that the required records are submitted to the Safety Officer and report safety incidents to the Manager: Operations and Health and Safety Committee.
  • Engage with and support the Manager: Operations to improve all standard operating procedures.
  • Enhance own work progress through self-development.
  • Maintain a high degree of internal and external customer satisfaction through professional and timeous execution of duties.
  • Uphold the image of the company when dealing with customers.
  • Establish a transparent communication channel, focusing on relevance and time.
  • Always adhere to company policies and procedures and report non-compliance.


  • An Honours Degree or Postgraduate Degree in Agriculture specialised in animal health and nutrition.
  • A minimum of 8-10 years appropriate work experience in the dairy farming.
  • A minimum of 3 years’ managerial experience in Diary Farming will be an added advantage.
  • OR an equivalent of 12-years working experience in the Dairy Industry.
  • Desired: Knowledge of the Afikim herd data management system.
  • Desired: Knowledge of the DTM/LMI data management mystem.
  • Desired: Knowledge of SAP.
  • Desired: Knowledge of Jarrison time and attendance.