Dairy Laboratory Manager Profile

Dairy Laboratory Manager Profile

Dairy Laboratory Manager Profile


Dairy Lab Manager Job Description

Dairy Laboratory Manager Profile JOB PURPOSE

The Dairy Laboratory Manager Profile is to organise and control the operation of the Laboratory that provides validated accurate test data for the Factory to use in its control of receipt, processing and despatch of product against established written specifications.

The Dairy Lab Manager will be responsible for the Dairy Factory Quality department when Quality Manager is not available on site.  This is on a rota with other Managers, as is the responsibility for the Factory Site at weekends.


  • Ensuring that product is made in accordance to detailed work instructions.
  • Ensuring that all plant is cleaned and sanitised.
  • All precautions to avoid contamination are taken.
  • Ensuring timely lab analysis result with accuracy is passed to concerned departments.
  • Ensuring that in process checks are made and samples taken in accordance with schedule.
  • Ensuring that process records are completed and related one passed to the Laboratory for their comments.
  • Ensuring that related critical control points are in constant monitoring, evaluation and control.

RESULTS REQUIRED FROM THE Dairy Laboratory Manager Job Profile
Produce an efficient laboratory staff rota with training and development for the department that meets the requirements of Investors in People. Optimising staff welfare and commitment so as to minimise accidents, eliminate absenteeism and monitoring sickness.Maintain the labour costs within the budget and reduce costs lost by sickness and excess overtime.
Ensure that the product quality meets the customer’s requirements by controlling against the specifications; establishing appropriate sampling regimes, ensuring the calibration of testing equipment, providing the appropriate level of testing using well trained staff. All product is to be Positively Released prior to despatch, when it is also checked.  Analysis shall be communicated to those requiring the results.Reducing the number of customer complaints, the value of customer returns and credits given to dissatisfied customers. Reducing the amount of product to be re-worked as a result of the generation of non-conforming product.
Facilitating a culture of continuous improvements through daily formalised meetings with the Senior Team and informal dialogue with the appropriate Laboratory, Production and Engineering staff.Reducing the amount of product non-conformance’s by defining and actioning of appropriate corrective and preventative actions.
Meeting the Factory’s budget and production targets.  Maintain the overall Laboratory expenditure within agreed budgets and reduce costs by improving cost efficiency.
Training and development of Laboratory staff with respect to Health and Safety and associated Regulations.To avoid accidents in the Laboratory and create a safe environment in which to work.
By providing an approved “Suppliers List” based on technical audits.  By determining/agreeing appropriate specifications with suppliers.      Using purchased products that are made to agreed specifications from approved suppliers.

Resolving any personnel issues within the department and ensuring that disciplinary procedures are followed.
Determining the disposal of non-conforming product, to alternative customers and or its re-work into a suitable end use or satisfactory disposal and treatment as waste.
Ensuring that the Dairy Factory especially Laboratory meets the obligations of the IS0 9001 / 22000 systems.  
Purchasing Department    The approval and assessment of materials prior to use.Organise appropriate trials to determine the suitability of the materials. Inform and advise the outcome.Communicate with the supplier.
Customers            The receipt of direct enquiries from customers regarding quality issues.Liaise and discuss so as to clarify the ability to meet customer requirements.Liaise and discuss.
Customers    Provision of Certificates of Analysis to customers.Prepare and send by Facsimile approved written Certificates.Advise on the suitability of the Certificates.
SuppliersThe approval of suppliers.Visit the supplier’s premises to determine suitability.Provide the level of service required.
Laboratories    External testing for Infant FormulaArrange aseptic samples and collate results with feedbackTest and report
Factory  ManagementGeneral ManagementMeet, liaise, advice, support, and communicating directly.Meet, liaise, advise, support, communicating directly.
Factory Production ManagementProvision of the Quality Plan for Plant Operators.Write clear instructions for sampling and testing.Sample and test the product, returning recorded data.
Laboratory Department      Positive Release of finished product as per  customer requirements.Write clear instructions for sampling and testing.Sample and test the product, recording its suitability against the specifications.  Raising NCR’s if out of specification.
Laboratory Department      Provision of the Quality Plan for Laboratory Staff.Write clear instructions for sampling and testing.Sample and test the product, recording its suitability against the specifications.  Raising NCR’s if out of specification.
Product Grading      Positive Release of products to the customers organoleptic requirements.Write clear instructions for sampling and testing.Sample and test the product, recording its suitability against the specification.  Raising NCR’s if out of specification.
Product Planning      The Contract Review of customer requirements.Provide a set of written customer specifications.Produce a written plan of orders for production for customers with approved specifications.
Product Planning  The control and disposal of non-conforming product.Advise on the most suitable disposal.  Audit and verify its effectively.Produce written instructions for use in production.
Sales  The receipt and handling of customer complaints.Investigate, record and reply in writing.Routine response directly with the customer.
Milk ProcurementPositive Release of milk, cream, skim, whey.Write clear instructions for sampling and testing.Sample and test the product, recording its suitability against the specifications. Raising NCR’s if out of specification.
Milk ProcurementThe Contract Review of Milk, Cream and Whey customer requirements.Provide a set of written customer specifications.Produce a written plan of orders for production.

Customer complaints, reporting to Production, Sales and Technical Manager.Two meetings per day to update the other members of the Senior Team.Two meetings per day to update the other members of the Laboratory Team.Prepare Weekly and Monthly report.Management review.Establishing product quality testing schedules.Controlling NCR’S.Controlling the record keeping of Customer Complaints.Controlling the distribution of Quality Records in Quality Management System. 10. Supplier audits and schedules.        

Within the office environment, the Job Holder uses a networked PC, which has access to Spreadsheets, Databases, Word Processing and E-Mail.  In addition there is a Telephone, Calculator and Pen.   Within the Laboratory environment the Job Holder uses a range of testing devices, such as the Lactosccan, spectrophotometer, Di-Chromat salt analyser, pH meters, Butterfat and Protein reference test equipment.  In addition there is cooking equipment for grading product.      

Formally qualified in Food Production and Storage. Practical experience in the Dairy Production environment. Formally qualified in Chemical and Microbiological laboratory testing. Considerable practical laboratory experience. An extensive knowledge of Dairy products and processes. Communication skills with a dynamic production environment. Communication skills with the Head Office functions. Leadership within a strong team atmosphere. Understanding of statistical Quality Control. Experience of the Organoleptic Assessment of products. Creamery  administration procedures. Ability to deal with Customer Representatives.          


The work load is primarily set by the milk allocation to the Creamery.  The Job Holder will ensure that the liquid raw milk and Whey are tested for conformity and arrangements are made for dealing with non-conforming product.   The Job Holder shall receive his overall technical policies from his immediate line supervisor, the Technical Manager.  The daily instructions shall come from both the Technical Manager and the Creamery Manager, the latter in the form of the two Senior Team meetings.  At this time, assignment of work may come from dialogue with any of the other members of the Senior Team.   The notification of any customer complaints, or internal non-conformance’s shall direct immediate workload into investigation of the root cause of the issue and the facilitating of corrective and preventative actions.  The Job Holder shall maintain any verbal and written communications with the Customer so as to progress the resolution effectively.   The Job Holder will assign his own work so that non urgent duties are programmed into robust schedules, the progress of which is regularly reviewed with other Team Members and associated personnel and contacts.   The Job Holder will assign to the Laboratory Team Leader who shall ensure that they are dealt with by approved Laboratory standard methods.        

Many decisions are made each day by the Job Holder, e.g. Who to employ within the Laboratory, which staff to train for each set of tasks, assigning suitable staff for development and promotion. Taking disciplinary actions as appropriate.Establishing the testing regimes for all products and ingredients used or made on the Site.Performing Risk Analyses on Food Safety Assessments so that resources are directed towards the highest priorities, e.g. Pathogens such as Sakazaki, Listeria, EColi and Salmonella.
Approving suitable procedures and systems that are compatible with ISO 9001.
Assessing the risks of non-conforming product and determining suitable, corrective and preventative actions after suitable investigations.Determining the most appropriate disposal of non-conforming product.Determining the suitability of Risk Assessments performed in Laboratory and Technical functions so as to comply with Health and Safety Regulations.          

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