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Dairy Jobs Saudi Arabia (KSA)


Dairy Jobs Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia Dairy Recruiters

Middle East Dairy Recruiters with over 45 years dairy industry experience we aim to fast track the dairy recruiting process whilst also reducing the cost per hire.

We hit the ground running and can help staff to find the latest dairy career opportunities in the Middle East dairy industry.

We help candidates to find their next promotion / ideal job. We have spent many years recruiting for the dairy sector, preparing person profiles and dairy Job Descriptions.

We have our global head office in the UK and and a regional office in Dubai to service the dairy recruiting needs of the Saudi Arabia / Middle East Dairy sector.

As the dairy market in the Middle east matures there will be a consolidation of dairy companies as the need for increased efficiency and reduced carbon footprint increases.

The increasing demand for and use of water for local milk production, animal feed and manufacturing of dairy products will increase the pressure to reduce utilities consumption and increase efficiencies to help reduce the environmental impact whilst also reducing dairy production costs. This requires that well trained and well experienced staff are developed and recruited.

There is also a pressure to increase employment of Saudia Arabian locals in in preference to expats which is why it is important to have a local presence with Dairy Jobs Middle East Dairy Recruiters representation in Dubai.

The trigger point for a multinational setting up manufacture “in country” is the establishment of the first significant production plant as this usually results in local dairy employers putting pressure on government to impose and increase import tariffs on dairy products.

Once dairy products import tarrifs are increased then imported products become more expensive than local products and this has as ensured that most of the global multinational dairy companies have either entered into local / middle east dairy joint ventures or are in the process or have established their own dairy base to service this important local dairy market.

The Vegan / Vegetarian Dairy Industry is rapidly growing and should be embraced by the industry as an opportunity and not as a threat. Do not get left behind. Non dairy processing and packing of products use mostly the same / similar equipment, making it easier for dairy manufacturers to convert part of their process to non dairy products. Dairy Manufacturing skills and experience are ideal for non dairy manufacturers.

The millenial focus on green and sustainability and reduced meat and dairy products is also having an ever increasing impact on the dairy industry and the industry is mostly taking this on board and manufacturing some very good novel alternative dairy products. The products are still Agriculture based but reduced animal products consumption which in turn reduces the need to feed animals and freeing up land used for animal feed crops for human food chain products. Dairy Products will always have a prominent place in the human diet.

The changing landscape of reduced consumerisim and reduced consumption coupled with reduced food waste and recycling should also result in reduced consumption as people become more nutrition and health focussed with the rapid increase in the use of AI for exercise, weight lossa and diet / motivation, online and the imcreasing use wearable health apps and diagnostics.

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